Weight Survey

A recent survey of leisure horses showed some disturbing results about the reality of horse weights and how these relate to the sizes of wormer syringe available. There are 3 main weight ranges that wormer syringes are designed to treat 575 kg, 600 kg or 700 kg depending on the product.

Horses were weighed at variety of shows throughout the UK. In total 263 Horses and Ponies were weighed ranging from 69cm (27”or 6.3hh) to 193cm(76” or 19hh). All the horse and ponies involved were used for leisure purposes including hacking, show jumping, carriage driving and showing.

The weights were analysed according to whether one syringe of a wormer would be sufficient to treat the horses at the recommended dose rate. The graphs show the percentage of animals that weigh more than a single syringe is designed to treat and would therefore be under-dosed if this was all they were given. In addition the number of ponies that weighed more than half a syringe would treat adequately was also assessed.

This survey shows that horse owners cannot rely on the theory that “one syringe will do” when it comes to worming their horse and should use more reliable methods to estimate the weight of their horse prior to worming it. Failure to do this could put the health of horse’s at risk.