Trust the experts

Correct worming procedures are a vital part of keeping your horse in good health and top condition, and that’s why leading experts trust Virbac, who are widely recognised for their expertise in the field of worming, to offer sound advice through 3D Worming to care for their horses.

The Billy Stud is internationally renowned for breeding animals that go on to compete around the world and relies on Virbac for sound worming advice. Stud Manager Donal Barnwell said that he felt that this year’s crop of youngsters looked the best ever and credited the 3D Worming strategy as a major contributor to the overall condition of the youngsters

With a yard of top class horses Katie Jerram knows that making sure all of the pieces of the management jigsaw are in place to ensure her horses are feeling and looking their best, and was keen to have a tailored worming programme designed specifically for her horses needs. ‘We have always gone down the route of regular routine worming but thanks to Virbac I now know that there is far more to correct worming. I am really delighted that we can work together to achieve effective and sustainable worming protection I can trust for all of my horses’ says Katie.