The Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year

An SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) is someone who has undergone rigorous training and passed exams to enable them to offer advice based on the sound principles of worming management.

If you are getting great advice and support from your SQP, why not nominate them for the prestigious Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year Award.

We set up this award to recognise the skills and expertise of SQPs and the hard work and commitment that goes into ensuring you get excellent advice and service on worming issues to protect your horse.

Winning the Virbac 3D Worming  Equine SQP of the Year gives your SQP recognition for a job well done, and they get a deserved prize of a VIP Experience at the London Olympia Horse Show in December along with a certificate and trophy which can be proudly displayed. 

Nominations are now closed for the Virbac 3D Worming SQP of the Year 2019  Find out what it takes to become an SQP

Sandy Robertson is the 2019 Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year

The coveted title of 2019 Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year has been awarded to Sandy Robertson from Equine Endo. Based in Lincolnshire, Sandy set up her mobile clinic in 2016 to provide on-site sampling, testing and direction on the best worming approach for her client’s horses.

‘It feels amazing to have won’ said Sandy, who has a background in equine welfare within the charity sector. ‘It’s great to be nominated by my clients and I am delighted to be recognised within the industry.  I am very looking forward to my trip to Olympia. I will be making the most of the shopping opportunity!’.

As winner of the Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year 2018, Sandy received an all-expense paid VIP Day at the Olympia London International Horse Show in December, along with a certificate and trophy.


Virbac 3D Worming SQP of the Year 2019 finalists announced

Making the final shortlist is Emma Wilkes, based at TFM Country Store in Whisby, Lincoln. With a varied role that includes stock ordering and customer advice and education, Emma is pleased to be able to offer quality advice to horse owners. ‘I like to help my customers with their equine needs and hope to aid them in keeping happy, healthy horses’ said Emma.


A previous winner of the Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year has once again made it to the shortlist for the 2019 award. Hannah Wild set up the online company Supplement Solutions in 2004 and has steered the development of the business during the last 15 years. ‘We pride ourselves in our knowledge and customer service’ said Hannah, who three years ago launched the company’s Annual Strategic Worming Programme.

The third nominee to make the finalist shortlist is Sandy Robertson from Equine Endo, a mobile clinic that provides on-site sampling and testing.  ‘My employment background has always been equine welfare, within the charity sector’ explained Sandy. ‘In this industry you get to see the detrimental impact parasites have on our horses, and this is where my passion started’. 

The finalists will go through to the final round of judging, which includes an interview with an industry expert. The finalist will then be selected based on their knowledge of parasite control and animal medicine regulations. The winner will win a VIP trip to Olympia, the London International horse show, for themselves and a guest.