It is vitally important that your horse or pony receives the correct wormer DOSE. The correct DOSAGE of wormer will kill the parasites but too little wormer can increase the risk of worms developing resistance to wormers, so it is vitally important that your horse or pony receives the full and correct dose.

If horses are under-dosed for any reason, the worms will be exposed to a ‘sub-lethal’ dose of the drug. Not only will this reduce the effectiveness for the wormer (increasing the risk of worm related diseases) but will lead to a population of worms that are resistant to the wormer in the long term.

So - how can you make sure you are giving your horse the correct DOSAGE of wormer?

Know the weight of your horse - The amount of wormer that you use should be based on your horse’s bodyweight, not its height! Visual estimation of a horse’s weight is extremely inaccurate, with guesses being on average 20% below the actual weight. It is far more accurate to use a weighbridge, weigh tape or weight calculation formula [link to weight calculation]to determine the correct weight of your horse.

Buying the right amount of Horse Wormer - Make sure you get enough wormer to treat your whole horse!  Wormers are available in syringes containing sufficient product to treat 575Kg, 600Kg or 700Kg bodyweight, or as Tablets to treat up to 800Kg.  Unless you use more than one tube, if you use a syringe that does not contain enough to treat the bodyweight of your horse, your actions will result in under dosing and will compromise the effectiveness of the drug. It will also save you money in the long term, if you wormer is effective the first time!