Avoid Spit Out - Ensure you fully administer the correct DOSAGE of wormer

Even though worming horses can sometimes be a stressful and messy experience it is very important that your horse takes the full wormer dose. In a recent survey of horse owners, 75% experienced some difficulties with the DELIVERY of the horse wormer with a syringe and only 30% claimed to be successful in DELIVERING the full dose every time.

Avoiding ‘Spit-Out’ - As the actual amount of wormer in most syringes is equivalent to just 1-2 teaspoonsful, just a small amount spat or dribbled out could be a significant amount of the required dose. Any discharged drug can also be harmful to other animals such as dogs and cats, so clearing up any mess is another worry. If this occurs regularly you should consider training programme to overcome the problem or using an alternative means of worming your horse, such as tablets or granules.

What else is out there – Tablet presentations to treat roundworms or combined roundworms, tapeworms and bots are available and provide flexible and stress free drug DELIVERY and take the guesswork out of horse worming. Granules have been available for a long time but effective DELIVERY can still be problematic with remnants left in feed buckets.


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