About 3D Worming

3D Worming is designed for you, as a horse owner, to help plan a more targeted, strategic worming programme for your horse, pony or yard.

This approach to horse worming consists of 3 D’s:




and offers an in depth but easy to understand educational framework on which to build a sustainable worming programme that benefits all of the equine community.

The 3D Worming plan gives you advice on:

Why it is important to have a 3D Worming Plan?

In a population of horses only 20% will carry up to 80% of the parasites! It follows then that 80% of horses carry very few parasites. There is no new horse wormer on the horizon, and with resistance to available wormers becoming a real threat, it stands to reason that we should use the drugs we have correctly and to the best possible effect. This can be achieved by taking a look at Direction, Dosage and Delivery.