Our 3D approach to Worming


The right advice for effective treatment


The right dosage based on the horse's weight


The right way to ensure the dose is administered correctly


Do you use the 3D Worming Approach

Aimed to help you plan a more targeted, strategic worming programme for your horse, pony or yard; 3D Worming aims to protect your horse from worm related diseases. The objective is not to eliminate parasites but to control them especially as resistance is becoming such a big issue. Find out how your worming methods are working for your horse.

With many different products available and a variety of opinions on what is the best approach to worming your horse, it can become a costly and confusing part of horse management. 3D Worming is designed to advise you on worming issues and the solutions that will be best suited to your horse or yard.

How to videos

Worming with a Syringe

Using a weigh tape

Horse owners worming guide

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Worming Consensus Statement 2019

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